Thursday, December 20, 2012

On pause...

 I had the cutest lil' studio built
on my 6 acres, use it to paint furniture
for the shops that I sell out of...

 and I'm thinking of opening up
one weekend out of a month for sales.
The economy and world status has
us in a quandary of how to run our we or don't we...
our shop at the mall is doing good,
but more exposure is always needed.
We have a huge selection of candles
and soaps, incense and antiques to
choose from, but...

I think it would be fun to introduce
new scents and seasonals
once a month at the studio.
So, as this winter settles in
and we have time to ponder

my lil' pink shack awaits my decision,
to open or not to open...
stay tuned...!


  1. I love the idea! But who does anyone know. I'd say just wont know until you try...

  2. I've been jumping around your sites and they are a visual feast! I tried to email but the button is broken? I would love to feature you on my blog if you aren't too busy? On Mondays I features moms/women and thier made in the USA items.