Friday, September 10, 2010

Just gittin' started...

Well, I been thinkin'(scary)...

OK, here's the deal...
I have 6 acres of prairie scrub,
I now have my lil' shop on the prairie...
so the next phase is a
flea market for artisans and junkers.
You know...US...
the crazy peeps that build stuff
and sell stuff and create stuff.

I'm thinking maybe 3 shows in May, July and Oct...
or maybe even once a month,
of course that will probably change due
to other events, but it's a start!

I know there are lots of 'junker slash artisans'
that would love to sell their wares in a different location...
and why not.
So this is what the 'Junk Revival' is all about,
friends and trash...
gimme yer thoughts!

I know, I know...she's qwazy!!!


  1. Atta Girl!
    P.S. You are one smart cookie!!!

  2. Thanks for singly me out! LOL

  3. I am all for the "made in America" approach! It is a frightening thought that we have giving China so much financial support by way of buying and consuming their exports. Hear, hear!
    Are the 3 shows ones that are physical or virtual?

  4. Keep me in the loop!
    more info please!
    bliss farm antiques

  5. I had to visit here even though I can only watch the flea market project unfold from far away! I have a feeling that this idea will be an absolute winner!

    And the new blog looks fantastic!