Saturday, September 25, 2010

Can we talk...

You know all that junk you got sittin' around the yard...
start puttin' it to use.

As the sedum starts to droop, put the cut stems in an old mop bucket,
the colors will stay when dried, the pink and rust hues
will last all winter when dried, the leaves will fall off and
the moisture will be consumed by your dry house
during the winter months.

I love wind chimes of all kinds...
I attached assorted cast away iron
on to an old ice saw, the clunk of a cow bell type sound
can now be heard around the yard...
here come the cows!!!

I love old sewing machines, but finding a use for the heavy beasts
is a burden. The old oak cabinets just don't go with today's
antiquing style, but tear it apart and you can find
lots of uses for the parts.

Use your noodle, look at a piece before you discard,
then save it for our first Spring flea market at
the Junk Revival...!


  1. I Love sedum!!! Got some for me :-) Making t-shirts is a fantasic idea! I've always wanted to make some that say House Things Boy/Girl. But Barn House Boys already do that so I don't know...

    One more reason to look forward to spring, your first flea market! I hope I have enough inventory by then to be apart of this awesome adventure!

  2. Tees sound fun. I've always wanted to make some with my art to sale at the farmers markets. Maybe next year. Good luck with your first flea market.